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The City of Parma Recreation Office is located at 7335 Ridge Road (just north of Pleasant Valley Road). 



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This site was updated on Saturday, August 19, 2017


Thank you for a good year!

Tournament information is now available on the Adult Information Page (scroll to the bottom)

Updated brackets (with winners) are now listed for:

Monday/Wednesday Doubleheader American Division ...won by Crystal Keg/Local 38...managed by Jeff Nendal

Monday/Wednesday Doubleheader National Division...won by RPI/Bugman Jerry LLC...managed by Gerald Faivre Jr

Tuesday Doubleheader League ..won by Twohig III Softball...managed by Mike Negray 

Tuesday/Thursday Division II  ...won by Pink Flamingo...managed by Tim Poole 

Friday Men's...won by Hold My Beer...managed by Tim Buttery

Friday Coed...won by Smith Bros/Clubhouse...managed by Cassie Mechling

Sunday Coed  Gold  ...won by Health Express/Crystal Keg...managed by Laura Reifschneider

Sunday Coed Silver...won by Blue Barracudas...managed by Jeremy Epperley

Final adult standings are now posted.

Attention All Adult Managers

As a point of clarification in reference to the rule on cancelled games found on page 23 of the Adult Softball Rules, any request to have a game cancelled during the season cannot be revoked once the request is granted and officials/opposing teams have been notified.  (By interpretation, a requested cancellation of a game that is subsequently rained out will still result in the forfeit being assessed.) To prevent a possible loss of game fees, the request should reach the Softball Office one week prior to the requested date.  A request made less than seven days prior to the game date, may result in games fees being assessed in addition to the loss.  When abiding by this rule, please be courteous to your opponents. 

After 4:00 pm (noon on Sundays), field conditions can be obtained by calling


Click here for updated rescheduled rainouts.




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